Saturday, 15 December 2012

Of Santa and Flickr: tracking Spectacle on the Web

Flickr is not a very commonly used Web 3.0, but my research shows that when a really amazing event happens it is Flickr that shows the most marked increase, as people post images to Flickr of an interest event. On 15 December 2012 Santacon came to London, with thousands of people dressed as Santa converging from various locations to a major party in Trafalgar Square.

Satancon is a situationalist surrealist bit of insanity, and to be there is to see something you are unlikely to see anywhere else.

Concentration of Flickr posts at SantaCon in London

Analysis of tweeting from the event, which is a remarkable spectacle shows a massive increase in Flickr posts from the location.

The use of Flickr over other social media makes sense.  An event like Santacon is a pure spectacle, a visually unique event that people will struggle to capture on their mobile phones.  It will produce a high level of image posts. 


New York

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