Thursday, 5 April 2012

Using twitter to track airport congestion

The Easter holiday the Web 3.0 Lab is using twitter mapping to estimate relative crowd size in Heathrow and Gatewick airports. The maps and meter below show that starting Thursday the level of human traffic at Heathrow seems much higher than at Gatewick.  People often tweet when bored or before going on a voyage so an airport is an excellent area to test.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Tweets mapped from Occupy protest at 888 Turk St

Tweet map coming from 888 Turk Street in San Francisco.  This squat has been taken over by the Occupy movement and shows the only tweeting in the local area this late at night.  Map made with the Happ app for mapping tweeter
Tweets from an Occupy squat in San Francisco, we are following it on hashtag #888Turk
OccupySF occupies 888 Turk St owned  by Catholic Church-0758
Photo posted by Steve Rhodes

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Man proposes marriage with twitter map!

Using the tool we saw the most amazing twitter map by mapping geo-tagged tweets from the same fisherman for two hours today.

We have hard about Joe Waznock, a fisherman in New England, who was going to use twitter geo-tags to propose to his high school sweetheart.  We were surprised to see what he did with his ship. using GPS he seems to have written out his feelings in the Atlantic Ocean.

Write this date down, April 1 2012, the first time a man wrote his love on the surface of the Earth.

#OWS protest tweets and foursquare map

Map of tweets and foursquare trends in New York, you can see a crowd moving from Liberty Square toward Brooklyn Bridge.  Twitter and Fourquare Map made with the Happ app on iPad.

We are tracking tweets and foursquare trents in the south of Manhattan today.  There is an Occupy march from Liberty Square to Brooklyn Bridge today, though we have yet to see any tweets mapped to the bridge.