Sunday, 27 January 2013

Social Media and high culture in Italy

I have create two social media maps using my tool

The Vatican, a major cluster for geo-tagged Wikipedia entries.  Clearly a number of the worshippers and tourists are checking in with Foursquare.  

Saint Marco's in Venice, very much like Vatican but also a huge cluster of Flickr images.  So this is not only a popular tourist attraction, but one clearly judged highly for its visual beauty and not just its meaning.

Conclusions: First review shows that the Vatican and Saint Marks in Venice are similar.  There is a high density of Wikipedia entires to Foursquare, indicating a popular tourist attraction of great historic, cultural and religious value.  Saint Marks is also distinguished by a high number of popular Flickr images associated with the location.  This indicates Saint Marks added value as an artistic treasure.

To conclude, we can guess that a lot of people go to the Vatican for religious purposes as well as tourism, but that the square around Saint Marks is not seen as a religious site as much as a work of art which many higher end photographers share with the premium Flickr service.

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