Sunday, 20 January 2013

Tracking tweets from #inauguration2013

Tracking twitter at the first inauguration of the Web 3.0 age gave a unique real time insight in to the views of thousands of participants, many of them ordinary people.  From the color of tickets, to the wait times, to the lack of bathrooms and the crowd response to the Speaker of the House and Senator Kerry this event gave a unique uncensored view of national life from thousands of view points, never possible before.

When Biden took the oath we saw over 500 geo-tagged tweets and re-tweets an hour coming from 250 meters around the inauguration site.  Remember that the crowd was vastly dispersed over the entire Mall, so we were seeing a lot of tweeting.

Ordinary voices included things neglected by the major media, like comments on the weather from tired middle aged mothers or complaints about the lines at McDonalds and Starbucks. Suddenly Big Data is there, you can decide what features to concentrate on.  Perhaps you don't care about the historic meaning of the day as much as the impact of crowd events on traffic flows, or service at Starbucks, or which of the singers was most popular with the crowd, or just how many people wear sun glasses in the winter.  This kind of data is now there, if you take the time to mine it. 

The world has been changed by this hyper connectivity in a very deep way.

This tool tracks the intensity of tweeting from the Inauguration. This will be the first such inauguration in the mature age of Twitter! I am following tweets in real time and enjoying reading first hand accounts of the people who are there, which you can do with my tool at the bottom of the page.

Social Media map at 2013 Inauguration in Washington DC.  Over 300 Foursquare checkins.
Social Media map at 2013 Inauguration in Washington DC.  Over 300 Foursquare checkins. 

 Below is a list of current tweets coming from near the inauguration site.

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