Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tracking #Oscar tweets

With hours to go before the Oscars we are already seeing very high tweeting coming from the Oscar site. The Oscars have all the making of a twitter feeding frenzy, with people wanting to be the first to share images of celebrities and lots of news coming from inside and outside the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

Tweeting around the site of the Oscars was already near 200 geo-tagged tweets an hour around noon.
What we are seeing in the tweets around noon local time in 2013:
  • High interest: not surprising that a large number of tweets from the location are being retweeted.  This accounts for about 40% of the high tweeting value.
  • Over 30% of tweets mention the term Oscars, this fits an observation I have made  that a major event will be mentioned by 1/3 of tweets.
  • Over 10% mention Academy
  • About 5% of the tweets are mentioning fashion but only 1% movie, but these probably because it is early

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