Sunday, 3 February 2013

Tracking tweets from #SuperBowl

Massive tweeting at Super Bowl with over 400 tweets per hour coming from the 250 KM around the Superdome
The tool below shows the geo-tagged tweets coming from the Super Bowl.  You can see what people are saying at or near the game.  Since the vast majority of people do not use hashtags this is probably a better way to see what is going on inside of the game, from people who are there. For example only 30% of the tweets coming form the area mention either Super Bowl or Superbowl.  Only 12% of the tweets coming from the Super Bowl use the hashtag #SuperBowl.  Geo-location is a more reliable tool for seeing what is going on than semantic mining.

Sadly I am based in London and have a big train voyage in the morning, so I will leave it to you.

And here is a tool to track the intensity of tweeting coming from the event.

As we moved closer to the game Tweets coming form the Super Bowl site are rising.  This will be one of the first Super Bowls you can follow on twitter.

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