Monday, 11 February 2013

Twitter at the Vatican as the Pope quits

The pope is quitting. Tweets coming from around the Vatican are very interesting. Though not a lot of tweeting come from the Vatican they pose an interesting semantic challenge as they tend to be in a lot of different languages. This makes effective translate hard. But at For the hour after the announcement we saw this pattern for tweets coming from the area around the Vatican:
  1. At first geo-tagged tweeting from the Vatican is not very high with about 50 geo-tagged tweets an hour coming through for the entire area of the Vatican. Certainly there are many more tweets not using geo-location. This level rose extensively over the next hour to several hundred tweets per hour for the Vatican.
  2. At first 35% of tweets and retweets with geo-tags for near the Vatican use the terms papa or pape, which mean pope.  But after another hour this rose to 70%.
  3. 37% are retweets, almost all coming from Radio personality @mario_desantis, who is tweeting from the area making jokes about the political situation, also @CatholicNewsSvc is being retweeted a great deal.  But after another hour this rose to 70%.
  4. 25% of tweets uses hastags.
Its seems that a large crowd of people are assembling in the Vatican on news of the Pope resignation. 

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