Friday, 1 February 2013

Twitter tracking #USEmbasy bomb in Ankara

Below is a stream of tweets coming from 1KM around Ankara.

The link is here.

Using Google translation I cam up with these statistics:
  • 15% of the tweets in the first hour after the explosion used the Turkish work for Explosion: patlama.
  • 18% used the bomb or the turkish bomb.
  • 2% used suicide, one in english and one in turkish.
  • 10% of the tweets made some reference to embassy, the most common form was ABD elçiliğine which translates as Turkish Embassy.
  • 2 tweets mentioned dead and injured
  • 1 tweet mention an attack.
  • Interesting enough 20% of tweets were for Foursquare checkins, even after the explosion.  Foursquare checkins were the single largest class of tweet over news repost, retweet, or picture post after the explosion.  
In total almost 30% of tweets coming from a 1KM radius of the blast made some reference to the explosion over an hour in a 1KM radius.  Over all tweeting levels were elevated for the area but not extremely high.  Interesting also is that within 2 hours all discussion ended.  Obviously the bomb was fairly small, people fairly close to it went about their business checking in to Foursquare.

Tweets coming from 1 KM of the site:

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