Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tale of 2 Cities: Twitter in Caracas after #Chavez

Tracking Caracas Venezuela geo-tagged twitter traffic after the death of Hugo Chavez. Not surprising from the Presidential Palace there are a massive number of tweets referencing Chavez with the hashtag #ChavezVive very popular.

See tweets coming from Caracas Presidential Palace and their RTs:

Statistics fro the Palace show a major concentration on Chavez:
  • 70% of tweets are retweets originally from the Presidential Palace, showing extremely high amplification.
  • 40% of tweets mention Chavez by name
  • 20% mention the word Comarada: comrade
  • Tweeting is not remarkably high though with tweets not topping 20 per hour.

But go across town and things look very different. Only about 5% of tweets are talking about Chavez by name.  Tweets are about much more everyday matters in this part of town: football, movies, cheap internet, Pokemon, even some critics of the government.  Clearly among some people of Caracas there is not a need to tweet on the death of the President.  Does this reflect apathy among some of the richer people in Caracas able to afford mobile phones with OTT data servies needed for twitter?

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