Saturday, 20 April 2013

Fujitsu makes the future

The author of this blog works for Fujitsu in the UK.  Theses opinions are his own.

I work for Fujitsu, so I generally avoid discussing anything to do with Fujitsu in my blog.  But this innovation is so amazing I want to share it.

I have not seen this system myself.  But the demo show what I think is the future of interface.  The core problem with the Internet is that it is 'boxed'.  Traditionally the Internet was tied to a PC, generally in a specific room in the house of office.  The laptop and wifi improved this, but it was the iPhone that increased mobility, but even with an iPad the problem with mobility is size.  I get a tiny surface to contact the world wide web.

What is need in the web interface is the core concept of the Internet: that it is wide.  That is is world wide.  Inside you iPhone is a connection to a data store which contains information about every object in the world, all the world's knowledge is there.  Why should you contact with this knowledge be limited to a palm sized device?  Image a museum in a shoe box?  That is the current state of the Internet.

Fujitsu is showing the potential future here.  There work combines nicely with Microsoft's Kinet work. And I think the next big thing is going to be device-less contact with the web.

The video before opens some ideas about the future of UX and UI.

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