Sunday, 12 May 2013

#Parkistan tweets on election

Pakistan is not a major site of twitter activity, but in Islamabad we see some patterns in tweeting over the period of the election:

  1. Most people tweeted in English;
  2. About 10% of tweets contained word 'vote' in English;
  3. About 15% contained the term 'election' in English;
  4. 10% of the tweets discussed rigging of the election;
  5. 30% of pools mentioned the loosing party PTI
  6. 20% mention the winning party PMLN.

Not sure if this will translate in to political action, but alot of Kahn supports are claiming fraud and some are calling for protest. Its normal in an election for people to claim fraud so only time will tell if Kahn youth driven movement, which is very verbal on twitter will become a Tahrir like movement.

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