Sunday, 12 May 2013

Twitter shows prejudice map for USA

So where is hatred in the US, a hate map is an effort to try and see this.

Mapping hateful tweets targeting the term 'Nigger'

As the site explains:

The Geography of Hate is part of a larger project by Dr. Monica Stephens of Humboldt State University (HSU) identifying the geographic origins of online hate speech. Undergraduate students Amelia Egle, Matthew Eiben and Miles Ross, worked to produce the data and this map as part of Dr. Stephens' Advanced Cartography course at Humboldt State University.
The data behind this map is based on every geocoded tweet in the United States from June 2012 - April 2013 containing one of the 'hate words'. This equated to over 150,000 tweets and was drawn from the DOLLY project based at the University of Kentucky. Because algorithmic sentiment analysis would automatically classify any tweet containing 'hate words' as "negative," this project relied upon the HSU students to read the entirety of tweet and classify it as positive, neutral or negative based on a predefined rubric. Only those tweets that were identified by human readers as negative were used in this analysis.

A close up of the hate map on term nigger

Some obvious conclusions are:

  • Hate speech is generally distributed with population, where there are people their is hate speech.
  • Hated against African Americans is a national event on Social media, and vastly extends beyond other groups.
  • Hatred of Asians is a northern thing, hatred of hispanic more souther, though this is far to simplistic a generalisation.
  • There seems to be more hatred of gays in the north, and more hatred of the disabled in the south.  
  • Again this work is for tweeting: it is not clear how this can extend to conduct.  For example tweets of hostile terms may be a in small part way for hostile people to deal with effect enforcement of hate crimes and civil rights in an area.

A close up of the hate map on term chink, rather sparse

A close up of the hate map on term Spick

A close up of the hate map on term wet back

A close up of the hate map on term Fag

A close up of the hate map on term cripple

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  1. First of all Humboldt State is not close to being an intellectual center even in California In fact Humboldt is a dopers haven and hangout and third, the good Dr is mixing her cartography with her politics -- Today ladies and gentlemen we have a front of hatespeech collecting as the the northerly winds drive snow bearing clouds ..... Just how seriously does this woman think her cartography will be taken? its absolutely nonsensical pseudo-science of the leftist sort.