Thursday, 2 May 2013

#UKIP will twitter hype turn in to votes

Using the amazing Trendsmap tool I have made a serious of maps of which political parties people in the UK are tweeting about on May 2 2013, at noon, during a bi-election in mostly rural areas..

Looking at the map of people talking about Labour you see a good deal of engagement.  The problem is that the word labour is also brought up in other contexts, for example May Day.  It would be better to use a hashtag search but so few people use hashtags in tweets that you rarely get any that are geo-tagged.

Not many people are talking about Tory.  This map of tweets that mention Tory must be depression to the government. 

There is no question that on Twitter, in the UK, the hype is around UKIP.  The election results will see if hype can be turned in a degree of political power.  A large percentage of these tweets are making fun of or attacking the UKIP party as racists or just idiots.

But there is not escaping UKIP had won the hype war, the media obsession with them has carried on in to twitter and social media is a buzz about them.  So the election returns this evening will be interesting: will Tory losses be limited and all this talk will be empty hype, or will twitter prove itself a useful tool for predicting election outcomes?

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