Thursday, 2 May 2013

#UKIP, the winners and losers on twitter

Using trendsmap free technology I am trying to compose a picture of who is winning and losing the twitter buzz as the UK faces what could be a milestone election.

UKIP vs Tory: the winner in the twitter buzz war is clearly UKIP.  The UK is covered with people tweeting, for good or for bad, is buzzing about UKIP.

But its not all bad news for the Tory leadership.  Cameron is still a more active topic than Farage or Miliband.  Miliband's penetration on twitter is pathetic today, but the election is not in Labour strong holds.  Farage's UKIP is a buzz, but he had only a topic of major conversation in large urban areas, where news junkies like, tweet and today are not voting. 

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