Monday, 3 June 2013

Did twitter just break a major UK political sex scandal?

The newspapers in the UK are reporting that a sex scandal exists near No 10, but they are not disclosing the name.  But on twitter it seems that an emerging consensus is that it was News of the World employees Rebecca Brooks and Andy Coulson.
The evidence for this is extremely week. A popular tweeter "Guido Fawkes" (Paul Staines) claims to know, and is a person who probably would know.  

Okay based on clues given by Staines this is all I think it comes down to:
  1. The are not MPs
  2. They are not in the cabinet
  3. Is was a man and a woman
  4. Staines labelled a image #acrb which is being taken as a hint. 
Okay so it makes sense it might be them two, but this is not really first rate journalism and twitter has had some epic fails.  Lets see what the outcome it, has twitter shown that UK libel laws are meaningless in an age of rapid self publishing, or does the concept of the wisdom of crowds have yet another major failure?

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