Monday, 8 July 2013

Cairo twitter dashboard القاهرة وحة القيادة تويتر

These tools will track tweeting level and content coming from key protest sites in Cairo. هذه الأدوات سوف تتبع تويتينغ مستوى ومحتوى قادمة من مواقع الاحتجاج الرئيسية في القاهرة.
Track tweets coming from Tahrir Square

And Nasir city where Pro-Morsi people tend to protest.

There are a lot of tweets coming from Nasir city, many about the anti-government protests that are now taking place with Morsi supporters.

And these are the Ramses Square protests, where more Pro-Morsi projects have been.


  1. The Muslim Brother commits Genocide. If the Military has to kill all of them to stop it, so be it.

  2. Twitter is deleting the MB supporters in Egypt. HOORAY.