Friday, 22 November 2013

Ashes 2013-2014 Twitter Mapping App

 Fifth and Final Test Test[ 3–7 January Scorecard Australia v England Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Tweets from Pittsburg shooting site

Image above shows the tweeting around the area of a High School during a shooting, the tweets included reporters in the area and even students tweeting form inside the building.

Some students seem to be tweeting from the site of the shooting

A number of tweets indicate that students are using their mobile phones in side of the school, with geo-location turned
on, probably not a good idea.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Remembrance tweeting beats Million Mask March by a mile

A weeks tweeting from November 3rd to November 10 2013, in log scale

Geo-tagged tweeting in Parliament over a week, and the impact of events on tweeting.

The chart above is in log scale, since the spike of tweeting on Remembrance day 2013 for the area around Parliament in London.  You can see spikes for the Million Mask March, and Prime Ministers Questions, but the largest spike is in the normally subdued Sunday at the end of the week.  This would be for the early afternoon during Remembrance ceremonies.

One might think that a large crowd of young people wearing Vendetta masks would out-tweet a group of vets and their families any day, but it is not the case.  Geo-tagged tweets in the hours of Remembrance day reached over 400 an hour, almost 3 times as many as Anonymous supporters produced when they 'stormed' Parliament.  A about 2 pm on the Sunday there were over 2,000 geo-tagged tweets and re-tweets from near the location.

A week for tweets for each hour, sort by intensity for Parliament.  Notice the distribution follows a power law.  By far the highest tweet was Sunday Remembrance Day, of the top 10 tweeting hours 7 are from Sunday, and 2 were from the Million Mask March.

This is solid evidence of hour pervasive tweeting has become, especially to established entities like political parties, police, church groups and political entities.  The tweeting produced at major official events now routinely outdoes tweeting at less active events.

Though there is another possible explanation, perhaps the privacy obsessed Anons didn't tweet with geo-location turned on, while few people would be paranoid about tweeting attendance to a service for war vets.

Friday, 8 November 2013

How to make an HTML 5 US Flag

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Twitter Map App from Cebu during Hurricane Yolanda

Its good to see that Twitter is still up providing some essential comms infastructure

The story in Tacloban City is much worse, in the direct path of the storm it has essentially dropped out of the twittersphere.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

UK Politics and Twitter at Parliament #MillionMaskMarch #PMQs #GCHQ

The graph shows a case study of 5 days of tweeting at the UK Parliament, from Sunday November 3 2013 to Thursday November 7 2013. Each point shows the number of geo-tagged tweets at the top of an hours for 1 KM around the Parliament Building, famous for Big Ben.

The 5 'humps' are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We see tweeting was lowest on Sunday.  We see a fairly uniform pattern of tweets during the day reaching about 100 geo-located tweets an hour from a 1 KM radius.  But there are three spikes, each corresponding to political events in the life of Westminster.

The first spike, bringing tweets near 200 an hour in the evening of Tuesday correspond the #MillionMaskMarch which met here during that time.  Then Wednesday earlier part of the say was another spike, during Prime Minister Questions.  Thursday saw a spike when testimony on GCHQ spying was heard in a open committee of Parliament.

These three spikes show how real world political events have an impact on the level of twitter activity at the site where they happen.

Twitter map from Wall Street

As the #TwitterIPO gets close about half of tweets from 1KM around Wall Street mention twitter.  That is a lot of excitment.

Monday, 4 November 2013

#MillionMaskMarch London twitter map app #OperationVendetta

Twitter level tracks for key sites in the Operation Vendetta in London November 5 2013

Demonstration is suppose to start here in Trafalgar Square about 6 PM GMT. Look to see over 300 tweets an hour to indicate a large event.

It will assemble here.

Track actual tweets coming from the area
Web 3.0 Lab: #OperationVendetta in London Nov 5 2012 tweet tracker: Findings: Over 2,000 people showed up in front of the National Gallery event in 2012, giving a clear surge in tweets.