Thursday, 7 November 2013

UK Politics and Twitter at Parliament #MillionMaskMarch #PMQs #GCHQ

The graph shows a case study of 5 days of tweeting at the UK Parliament, from Sunday November 3 2013 to Thursday November 7 2013. Each point shows the number of geo-tagged tweets at the top of an hours for 1 KM around the Parliament Building, famous for Big Ben.

The 5 'humps' are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We see tweeting was lowest on Sunday.  We see a fairly uniform pattern of tweets during the day reaching about 100 geo-located tweets an hour from a 1 KM radius.  But there are three spikes, each corresponding to political events in the life of Westminster.

The first spike, bringing tweets near 200 an hour in the evening of Tuesday correspond the #MillionMaskMarch which met here during that time.  Then Wednesday earlier part of the say was another spike, during Prime Minister Questions.  Thursday saw a spike when testimony on GCHQ spying was heard in a open committee of Parliament.

These three spikes show how real world political events have an impact on the level of twitter activity at the site where they happen.

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